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UBCMJ Volume 6, Issue 2
February 24, 2015
UBCMJ Volume 6, Issue 2

Latest articles

case and elective reports
The Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Syndrome
Bhupinder Johal, Herman Johal, Andrew Lukaris
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):20-22. Download article (PDF, 182KB)
case and elective reports
Case Report: Appendiceal Mucocele, an Uncommon Answer to Common Symptoms
Andrew Wilson, Thomas L. Perry, Ormond N. Pantonc
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):23-25. Download article (PDF, 366KB)
An Introduction to Health Professionals’ Role in Addressing Human Trafficking
Riley Golby, Sian Hsiang-Te Tsuei, Alisha Zacharias
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):28-30. Download article (PDF, 275KB)
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