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UBCMJ Volume 6, Issue 2
February 24, 2015
UBCMJ Volume 6, Issue 2

Latest articles

Defining Health Advocacy in Medical Education
Shelly Chopra, John Peel
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):4-5. Download article (PDF, 228KB)
Length of Family Medicine Training and Readiness for Independent Practice: Residents’ Perspectives at One Canadian University
Kristyn Jewell, Christie Newtona, Shafik Dharamsi
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):15-19. Download article (PDF, 329KB)
Childhood Poverty and Parental Stress: Important Determinants of Health
Jennifer A. Kalil
UBCMJ 2015 6(2):41-43. Download article (PDF, 194KB)
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