Our Team

UBCMJ is run by a volunteer group of medical students and professionals who are passionate about engaging the world in dialogue in medicine. Interested in joining us? Feel free to contact us to find out more about current and future volunteering opportunities with the UBCMJ.


Our Team 2015-2016

Noren Khamis Co- Editor in Chief, Sr external.editor@ubcmj.com
Amanda Ribeiro Co- Editor in Chief, Sr internal.editor@ubcmj.com
Yasmeen Mansoor Co- Editor in Chief, Jr internal.editor@ubcmj.com
Jordan Squair Co- Editor in Chief, Jr internal.editor@ubcmj.com
Zachary Stansfield Managing Editor, Sr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Jieqing Xu Managing Editor, Sr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Amanda Dansock Managing Editor, Jr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
David Twa Managing Editor, Jr managing.editor@ubcmj.com
Arohuman Kan Communications Manager, Sr communications@ubcmj.com
Torey Lau Communications Manager, Jr communications@ubcmj.com
Section Editors
Audrea Chen Academics, Sr academic@ubcmj.com
Yuhao Wu Academics, Jr academic@ubcmj.com
Jusung Hwang Case Reports, Sr reports@ubcmj.com
Arkhjamil Angeles Case Reports, Jr reports@ubcmj.com
Joanne Kwan Reviews, Sr reviews@ubcmj.com
Nima Omid-Fard Reviews, Jr reviews@ubcmj.com
Sonja Rummell Commentaries, Sr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Colin Massey Commentaries, Jr commentaries@ubcmj.com
Robin Whitty Global Health, Sr global.health@ubcmj.com
Sophia Park Global Health, Jr global.health@ubcmj.com
Eric Wong News and Letters, Sr news@ubcmj.com
Armaan Malhotra News and Letters, Jr news@ubcmj.com
Claire Tsai-Yi Wu Chief Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Michael Gallea Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Edward Mason Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Michael Xu Copyeditor, Sr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Ashen Chaudry Copyeditor, Jr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Anita Dahiya Copyeditor, Jr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Sophie David Deng Copyeditor, Jr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Sarah Fraser Copyeditor, Jr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Tanya MacDonell Copyeditor, Jr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Golshan Massah Copyeditor, Jr copy.editor@ubcmj.com
Dennis Wang Publications Manager, Sr
Michael Rizzuto Publications Manager, Jr
Ana Clara Sosa Cazales Artistic Director, Sr
Lingge Li Layout Editor, Sr layout.editor@ubcmj.com
Mary Jeffers Layout Editor, Sr layout.editor@ubcmj.com
Keely Hammond Layout Editor, Jr layout.editor@ubcmj.com
Phoebe Cheng Graphics Editor, Sr graphics@ubcmj.com
Jennifer Ji Artistic & Graphics Director, Jr graphics@ubcmj.com
External Support
Cathevine Yang Advertising and Sponsorship, Sr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Harjot Bedi Advertising and Sponsorship, Sr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Paul Moroz Advertising and Sponsorship, Jr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Grace Yi Advertising and Sponsorship, Jr sponsorship@ubcmj.com
Forson Chan Treasurer, Sr
Tony Zhao Treasurer, Jr
Sophia Peng Information Technology Manager, Sr it.manager@ubcmj.com
Linda Xuan Wang Information Technology Manager, Sr it.manager@ubcmj.com
Gary Xu Information Technology Manager, Jr it.manager@ubcmj.com
Kendric Wang Research Forum Liason, Sr
Tony Zhao Research Forum Liason, Jr
Staff Writers
Alan Rheaume Staff Writer
Ciaran Galts Staff Writer
Pretty Verma Staff Writer
Marc Jutras Staff Writer
Stephanie Lake Staff Writer
Andrea Marie Jones Staff Writer
Alvin Ip Staff Writer
Distributed Site Representatives
Joanne Kwan IMP Rep, Sr
Paul Moroz IMP Rep, Jr
Sophia Peng NMP Rep, Sr
Tanya MacDonell NMP Rep, Jr
Robin Whitty SMP Rep, Sr
Sarah Fraser SMP Rep, Jr
Undergraduate/Graduate Representatives
Gagandeep Gill UBC Undergraduate Rep
Mahgol Hamidi UBC Undergraduate Rep
Catherine Kang SFU Graduate Rep
Mahsa Sadeghi VGH Site Rep
Susan Ge McGill Rep
Jason Liang University of Toronto Rep
Janessa Mah University of Saskatchewan Rep
Jimmy Yan University of Western Ontario Rep
Linda Herbert FoM students/staff/graduates, other health professions