A Guide for Navigating India for Future Global Health Teams

Jesse Ory


Each year, teams of medical students leave British Columbia to take part in Global Health Initiative (GHI) projects. I was in Uttarakhand, India with three other medical students this summer. We experienced several challenges while there, particularly during a 3–day “Train the Trainers” (TTT) workshop where I taught first aid to non–governmental organization (NGO) volunteers. The difficulties I overcame during the first aid course reflected the challenges to be faced by any Western team travelling in India. Hopefully my experiences can help prepare future GHI teams travelling to similar areas. It should be noted that though the following stories are told from my perspective, the work done was collaborative in nature.

KEYWORDS: global health; education; India

Full text (PDF, 3297KB)

Ory J. A Guide for Navigating India for Future Global Health Teams. UBCMJ. 2013 4(2):23-25.